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WMU Sasakawa
Fellowship Program

Since 1987, the Sasakawa Peace Foundation (Ocean Policy Research Institute) and marine-affairs-associated groups led by The Nippon Foundation have been offering scholarship funds in order to help students worldwide obtain an MSc in Maritime Affairs at World Maritime University (WMU). There are more than 700 fellowship recipients as of September 2021. After graduating from WMU, the Fellows assume important posts in their own governments and educational institutions, determinedly embracing their roles as leaders in maritime affairs.


Selection Process
Guidelines When Completing The Motivational Statement
The Selection Criteria
How To Apply For WMU Sasakawa Fellowship
History of Sasakawa Fellowship Program
Fellows' Works & Outstanding Activities
Fellows' Gathering
Ceremonial Occasions
Contributions From Experts
Gathering Orientation
Japan Field Study Trip
Award Ceremony
WMU Graduation
Fellows' Activity
Message from Chairman Yohei Sasakawa
Sasakawa Peace Foundation
We issue "Friends of WMU, Japan Newsletter" quarterly.

Recent Updates

  • Newsletter #81 (December 2022)
    Newsletter #81 (December 2022)

    Gathering Orientation in 2022
    A Congratulatory Send-off from Yohei Sasakawa
    Introducing the Class of 2023 WMU Sasakawa Fellowship Students
    Introducing New Secretariat

  • Newsletter #80 (September 2022)
    Newsletter #80 (September 2022)

    Sasakawa Fellows Regional Network Meeting in Tunisia
    WMU-GOI Side Events at UN Ocean Conference 2022
    A Joint Contribution by Husband and Wife Duo
    Introducing New Committee Member