Sasakawa Fellows' Directory

Sasakawa Fellows' Direcotry is the lists of all Sasakawa Fellows including current WMU Sasakawa Fellowship students. It serves as the subustitute for their business cards.

Once logged onto the directory, you can search whomever you want in Search Tab.
*In order to log on, you need to obtain your user ID and PASSWORD.
*If you have no idea for user ID and PASSWORD, please ask the Secretariat for instruction.

The Reason of Establishing the Directory
Now that there are around 700 Sasakawa Fellows in the world, it is hard for them to keep in touch with all Sasakawa Fellows. With the directory, Sasakawa Fellows can easily contact with other Sasakawa Fellows by using e-mail or phone call, even meet each other at anytime and anywhere. We hope that it will bring a chance to Sasakawa Fellows to get connected deeply.

We always need the directory latest because Sasakawa Fellows can contact whenever they want. We would like all Sasakawa Fellows to update thier infomation when changed.