Gathering Orientation

Gathering Orientation is the opportunity for both current students and new students to know each other.
While the orientation is held, the Sasakawa Fellowship Program and Network are explained to new students by current students.
Accordingly, the orientation is aimed at that the Sasakawa Fellowship Network will be actively and effectively operated by students.

Japan Field Study Trip

We invite all WMU Sasakawa Fellowship students to study maritime affairs of Japan through visiting maritime related organization, company, or facility.
On the other hand, we give them a chance to make a courtesy call on Dr. Sasakawa at The Nippon Founation as donor.

Associated Companies

We introduce the visiting companies of Japan Field Trip Study.
They are mainly ship building/shipboard companies, coast guard, educational training institutes, research center, and ports.

Award Ceremony

Award Ceremony is usually held on one day before WMU Graduation.
At the ceremony, we firstly regard new WMU graduate through Sasakawa Fellowship Program as Sasakawa Fellow.
We not only hope the bond of Sasakawa Fellows can be helpful for all Sasakawa Fellows but also expect that each Sasakawa Fellow will play an active role beyond county by supporting each other.

WMU Graduation

Graduation Ceremony is held on the begining of November.
WMU’s Chancellor and Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organization conferred postgraduate degrees on the World Maritime University’s Class.
There are usually 200 graduates every year over 40 countries.

Fellows' Activity - Chapter Establishment

We gather Sasakawa Felows living in some region and make them a group.
Making a group, we aim that communication is well organized and smoothly implemented among them.

Fellows' Activity - Regional Networking Meeting

Holding regional network meeting, we aim that Sasakawa Fellows can share current their situation with each other.
On the other hand, we elect a few focal points among them and request them to manage Sasakawa Fellows living the region in order to contact whomever they want to.