Award Ceremony

Award Ceremony for Sasakawa Fellows 2019

A Remarkable Day: The Awards Ceremony for Sasakawa Fellows
Saturday 2 November 2019

On Saturday, November 2, 2019, in front of hundreds of our friends, families, World Maritime University faculty and staff members, 30 students of the Class of 2019 were honored for their achievements during the academic year at the award ceremony for WMU Sasakawa Fellows. This great ceremony was held at the Sasakawa Auditorium and followed by a reception at the World Bistro.

The award ceremony was organized by the “Friends of WMU, Japan Secretariat” in cooperation with The Nippon Foundation. Mr. Takeshi Mizunari, as the Master of Ceremonies, started everything off, as students’ hearts beat fast, filled with happiness, waiting to receive their certificates and hand in their Master’s thesis.

Welcoming remarks were made by Mr. Eiji Sakai, Vice President of the Ocean Policy Research Institute (OPRI), Sasakawa Peace Foundation. Known as one of the most eminent experts in this field worldwide, he highlighted the great relationship maintained over the years between WMU and the Foundation. He advised Sasakawa Fellows to contribute further when returning to their home positions,
hoping that they would continue sharing knowledge and experience through the Sasakawa Fellows’ alumni network. In addition, he hoped the Fellows would make an effort to enhance cooperation within the international community.

The Fellows were honored to have Dr. Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry, President of WMU, as a perfect example of a woman leader, a hard worker in the maritime field, the head of an organization with the insight to build and strengthen relationships with donors and supporters. Dr. Doumbia-Henry talked about the WMU mission statement, with the aim of creating global leaders in the marine and ocean field, building capacity in education and research to serve the maritime community, in order to ensure safety and security, marine protection and efficient shipping on the oceans.

Dr. Doumbia-Henry spoke eloquently about the creativity and the sense of pride that the students had. She was glad of the partnership between WMU, the Sasakawa Peace Foundation and the Fellows, hoping that the Fellows would contribute to their network as graduates of WMU, an edifice which offers the wonderful opportunity to nurture and grow into professional individuals.

The next honorable guest was Mr. Mitsuyuki Unno, Executive Director of The Nippon Foundation, who praised the efforts made by Dr. Doumbia-Henry, WMU staff and faculty for their generous support of WMU students, offering them such good quality education.

After his speech, Mr. Unno then awarded the certificates! As their names were read out and “congratulations” was spoken in each person’s language, the graduates were filled with joy. In return, they handed their Master’s thesis to the Sasakawa Peace Foundation. The audience was also highly impressed with this graduation ceremony.

Next, Mr. Tangeni Haimbala, representing 29 Fellows of the Class of 2019 belonging to different organizations located in 28 countries, introduced their Resolution adopted on September 20, which defines two goals: contributing to one’s own country, and contributing to the International Maritime Organization.

Finally, the Master of Ceremonies, Mr. Mizunari invited Sasakawa Fellows, honorable guests, WMU staff and faculty to the buffet dinner at the World Bistro. Mr. Faisal Jadoon from Pakistan made the welcome toast for the Sasakawa Fellows, expressing their gratitude for this great moment.

Mr. Santiago Geymonat from Argentina mentioned that WMU Sasakawa Fellows are like a family, even though they have different cultures and different languages. This family was invaluable to their lives, as they studied hard every day, helping and encouraging each other. In his emotional remarks on behalf of the Class of 2019, Mr. Geymonat also expressed the students’ feelings concerning their
memorable visit to Japan, all the happy and beautiful moments, the generosity, hospitality, and the fruitful academic visits that the Sasakawa Peace Foundation provided.

It was a wonderful ceremony and party with beautiful moments and a warm atmosphere, surrounded by guests and audience... and it will remain engraved in our minds.

Enas Nadi Hamed AL-MAHARIQ
(Jordan, Class of 2019)