Fellows' Activity - Chapter Establishment

Singapore Chapter

The Singapore Chapter of the Friends of WMU, Japan was established last April 25, 2012 during “Singapore Maritime Week 2012”. This Chapter is initially composed of seven (7) WMU graduates from 1998 to 2006. What makes the Singapore Chapter distinct from other international chapters is that its members are coming from five (5) different countries who are now based in Singapore as working professionals.

The meeting to establish the Chapter was held in Marina Mandarin Hotel and was attended by the following people: Mr. Kyaw HTUT from Temasek Polytechnic (Myanmar, 1998), Mr. Abu Hena Mohammad MAMUN from Hong Lam Marine Pte Ltd (Bangladesh, 2000), Mr. Wai Lynn HTUT from Singapore Offshore Marine (Myanmar, 2004), Mr. Duong Hoang PHAM from Clarkson Asia Pte Ltd. (Vietnam, 2005), Mr. Teotimo R BORJA JR from Philippine Coast Guard (Philippines, 2005), Mr. Altan-Od BAZARRAGCHAA from Ministry of Road, Transport, Construction and Urban development (Mongolia, 2006) and Ms. Anh Thu Thi NGUYEN from Ship Management (Vietnam, 2006). Mr. Ahmad IRFAN from INDO PERDANA LLOYD (Indonesia, 2006) was unable to attend the meeting from some reasons.

Aside from the members of the chapter, the meeting was attended by CDR Tomoya SHIMIZU (WMU 2004), the Manager of International Office of the Japan Association of Marine Safety. In fact, he contacted with them each time he went to Singapore on his business trip and made great efforts to develop the circumstances to establish the Chapter.

At the meeting, each article of the Chapter's rule was carefully discussed in order. Particularly, the ideas about, 1) the action policy 2) the selection and the replacement of the Chairperson and the Focal Point (contact person) 3) the openness for the WMU graduates who are non Sasakawa Fellows, were eagerly exchanged. Before the closing, Mr. MAMUN was approved as the Chairperson and Mr. BORJA as the Focal Point.

The occasion became more eventful with the arrival and presence of Mr Yohei Sasakawa, the Chairman of The Nippon Foundation. The Fellows expressed profound thanks for all the support from his Foundation. He also expressed happiness in meeting the Fellows. He kindly took his time for even short conversations with each attendee.

A reception dinner was held at a restaurant in the hotel. Mr. Mitsuyuki Unno, Executive Director of The Nippon Foundation and Mr. Washizu, Director of Japan International Transport Institute, which are the organizers of Corporate Social Responsibility Seminar held on the next day also hurried to the site to celebrate the establishment of the Chapter.

It is really meaningful that Sasakawa Fellows are able to exchange their information under their mutual trust in Singapore, which is one of the maritime centers of Asia and currently became a biggest hub of the world's maritime distribution. We are always willing to welcome any Sasakawa Fellows and WMU graduates who visit Singapore for their business trip and other occasions.

Teotimo R. Borja Jr. (Philippines, 2005)
– Focal Point in Singapore Chapter –