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Hello, dear Sasakawa Fellows!

I have the pleasure to inform all of you that on November 9, 2016, at the Women´s International Shipping and Trading Association (WISTA) International Conference and Annual General Meeting, I was awarded as “WISTA PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR 2016”.

WISTA is a prestigious international organization that, through an international network, promotes gender equality, following the IMO goals of empowering women towards leadership in the maritime industry.

Prior to each Annual Conference, representatives of each national WISTA - in my case WISTA Argentina - select a candidate to participate in the final selection of WISTA INTERNATIONAL Personality of the Year. This award honors an individual in the maritime community for their professional excellence and outstanding achievements, representing a role model for female maritime professionals.

As a part of the SASAKAWA family, I am so grateful to WMU for their financial support while I was a student. I graduated in 2013 with a Master´s degree in Maritime Safety and Environmental Administration, and was honored to be awarded the Chancellor´s Medal for Academic Excellence and the Pierre Leonard Prize for the Best Female Student. I feel the emotional support of all of you as a real family, connected worldwide, and I always feel joined to all Sasakawa members.

Being part of the Sasakawa Family and obtaining my Master´s degree at WMU allowed me to grow professionally as well as personally, giving me the opportunity to understand the maritime industry from a broad international spectrum, with all that entails. In this regard, as part of my professional growth, in January 2015 I was the first woman in the Argentine Coast Guard to receive the command of a patrol ship. As Captain I had under my command seventeen males, a positive personal experience that proves that it is possible to realize empowerment and leadership roles for women in the maritime industry.

Analia Soledad Viggiano
Argentina, 2013