Fellows' Works & Activities

Sasakawa Fellows: Indispensable to the Maritime World

The perk of being a World Maritime University graduate is you are considered a first-rate maritime expert, which enables you to get involved in many maritime-related activities. Since I joined my team at work right after graduation, there were several roles that I played, such as a speaker in a seminar on safety and environmental issues, a trainer on the introduction and implementation of IMO mandatory instruments, an Indonesian delegate for IMO meetings, among others.

The last IMO meeting I attended was the 97th Session of Maritime Safety Committee (MSC 97) from November 21-25, 2016. During this session, the Committee discussed and decided on several agenda related to ship safety and security, including the implementation of goal-based standards for new ship construction of bulk carriers and oil tankers, the carriage of more than 12 industrial personnel on board vessels engaged in international voyages, as well as the consideration and adoption of amendments to mandatory instruments.

While attending the meeting, I had the great opportunity to be introduced to WMU graduates from all around the world when IMO Secretariat General, Mr. Kitack Lim, asked the alumni of WMU and IMLI to take a picture with him. I was honored to stand with these remarkable maritime experts who all play active roles in the maritime field, particularly at IMO.

I was also amazed at their achievements. As we all know, IMO is where many experts from different countries and backgrounds, with many years’ experience and notable knowledge in maritime fields contribute in enhancing and promoting safer, more secure ships, cleaner oceans and efficient shipping. Therefore, being recognized by these experts can be seen as the highest achievement for someone in the maritime field.

Among the WMU graduates were eight Sasakawa Fellows: Mr. Zhang Renping (China, 1998), Ms. Sandra Allnut (Brazil, 1999), Mr. Xie Hui (China, 2001), Mr. Tomonori Okamura (Japan, 2002), Mr. Sun Jun (China, 2005), Mr. Aji Vasudevan (India, 2010), Mr. Masashi Sugomori (Japan, 2010), and me, Efa R.D. Aditirta (Indonesia, 2013).

Mr. Sun Jun and Ms. Sandra Allnut are currently working at IMO, while Mr. Aji Vasudevan and Mr. Xie Hui chair the III Sub-Committee and CCC Sub-Committee, respectively.

Influenced by this year’s IMO slogan, "Shipping: Indispensable to the World", I hope that there will be more and more WMU graduates, especially Sasakawa Fellows who will play important roles in maritime fields so that in the near future, we can create our own slogan, "Sasakawa Fellows: Indispensable to the Maritime World".

Efa Rosida Dwi Aditirta
Indonesia, 2013